What better way to celebrate the resurrection of our lord than sharing pictures of the Vatican?

I suppose going to church or whatever could be but I’ve committed to this now.


Remember when Carlton lost his virginity?

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Rev Kate Bottley reacting to the first gay couple to marry legally in the UK 

wham bam thankyou ma’am.

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this was my hotel and there was all these steps onto the piazza on the right and in the morning all these beggars would meet up there. While they sat there some guy in a full suit would pull up in a Ferrari and tell them where to go. And that’s why Luigi said you should never pay beggars in Italy, because most of them just fund the mob, who will even maim some of them so that they collect more money.

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Headquarters of the Italian Fascist Party, late 1930’s

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Wow technologie

me n my bioshock girlfriend


me: bb i love u

her: booker catch

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when you are under the word count for an essay

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Lemona Lisa

I regret my decision