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that piece of paper is one of the most overwhelmingly graceful things in the universe

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thoughts on “bossy”.

today I was talking about one of my lecturers with my boss and I said the lecturer was “bossy” and my boss said I was being “chauvinist” which I’m not really a fan of. My lecturer was being bossy though; she actually said “You’re not schoolchildren anymore!” and told us we were all childish and then threatened to make us stay behind which I’m not entirely sure lecturers can do. She didn’t make us stay behind so I assume they can’t. In fairness, if a male lecturer acted like that, I wouldn’t call him bossy, but I would call him a prick. It wasn’t a male lecturer though, so she was being bossy.

Maybe bossy is overused and applied to many women who just want to be respected or whatever but I’ve been in far more disruptive classes taught by men and they haven’t reacted in the same way. Nor have women who are teaching similarly disruptive classes. That’s because this class was taught by a bossy woman. I’m sure a prick of a man would have acted similarly as well.

Just because a word is unpleasant and applied almost exclusively to women shouldn’t dictate that said word and users of it are male chauvinist. There are plenty of offensive words that are generally only applied to men and using them shouldn’t connote female chauvinism either.

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this photograph is the definition of Italy.


The 40 Greatest Dog GIFs Of All Time

these gifs are literally perfect i can’t even 😭😭

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Birmingham, England (by drmerlin)

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I’m deffo using this in my essay on internet-enhanced politics.


Half the World Away - Oasis

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Paris, March 2012.


Roses // Outkast

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What better way to celebrate the resurrection of our lord than sharing pictures of the Vatican?

I suppose going to church or whatever could be but I’ve committed to this now.


Remember when Carlton lost his virginity?

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